History of the United Way of Faribault, Inc.

The United Fund of Faribault Inc. was formed in 1956 by a group of local business and professional men.  Their intent was to promote efficiency in fund raising for local health and welfare organizations, as well as regional and national programs.  The Articles of Incorporation are dated September 28, 1956, and were signed by the three incorporates John Carlander, Sidney Goldsmith, and Joseph Grunz, who were the first Board of Directors.  In 1974 the name was changed to the United Way to coincide with the United Way of America.

The mission of the United Way of Faribault is to secure and invest community resources to expand the ability to improve lives.  The purpose of the United Way is to stimulate interest and participation of the citizens of Faribault on behalf of worthy educational, health, and welfare organizations, and social services.  The United Way also promotes efficiency: Contributions are made one time to benefit many organizations.  The fundraising is volunteer driven, thereby reducing the expense and effort of paid staff.

Since its organization, the corporation has completed 50 drives for charitable contributions, and has allocated millions of dollars to its member agencies. The Officers and Directors serve without pay.  As are all Campaign & Allocation chairs and volunteers.  

An Allocation Committee, composed of Board Members and community volunteers, meets and reviews the request of agencies each spring.  The Allocations Committee examines every agency request and financial statement for the purpose of justifying and identifying both the agency and community needs.

The United Way of Faribault’s accounts and records are carefully kept, and audited annually.  A report is mailed to the Secretary of State, fully complying with all requirements of Minnesota State Law.